Magic Landscape Filter

Magic Landscape Filter 1.1

Magic Landscape Filter lets you enhance your landscape photos

Magic Landscape Filter is a program that works exactly as its own name suggests - that is, it works as an image filter, improving the color and brightness of your landscape photos. The program has a simple interface, which makes processing your landscape photos easy and fast.

Once you have added your photos to the program's interface, you will be able to increase or decrease the "chroma" visual effect. This will let you get pure and brighter colors. Although this effect can also be applied in other image editors, in this program the chroma effect seems to work pretty well. The second effect you can apply to your photos is brightness. Similarly to the previous effect, you will be able to increase or decrease its value, and see which one works better for your image. The program also supports the grayscale mode. You can compare the original photo with the resulting enhanced one by pressing any mouse button over the image.

You can save the output image as a JPG file. The trial version of the program will also put a watermark on your image. The program is supposed to support batch processing mode as well, but when I tried to use this feature, the result was always the same - the program simply stopped working.

Personally, I believe that this application still needs much improvement, especially if it is intended to compete with other programs of the same type.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • The program has a simple interface


  • The program crashes sometimes
  • There are only 3 visual effects to apply
  • The "batch output" feature does not work properly
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